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My focus is to understand and support children emotionally,so that I can help them socially.

About Mary


My passion for learning fosters my drive to continuously take numerous courses, workshops and regularly read current literature on child behaviour development. My full list of credentials can be viewed on my Credentials and Benefits page.


Studies have proven that it is essential to help children develop the skills necessary to be successful interacting in groups, as this is such a large part of their lives. Therefore, my focus is to understand and support children emotionally, so that I can help them socially.



My attention is on the child learning as a child, avoiding the mistake made, more often than not, of molding the child into a little adult. I feel children should be validated, be allowed to engage their imaginations and live in that coveted space of childhood as long as possible. Also, I firmly believe that every individual child has specific needs to his/her world and requires love and positive guidance along the way.


I provide the children in my care the opportunity to learn in a family centered setting. They will interact with different age groups; feel safe and loved and can strengthen a positive self-image. Your child will receive quality positive care in a loving and nurturing home.

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