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Your Child’s Day
your Child's Day
This is a fun day that promotes social communication through play based learning experiences. 

Music, dancing, singing and circle-time are a part of their daily activities. Toddlers will be encouraged to explore the arts and crafts and begin rudimentary drawing skills, as well as learn their shapes, colours, numbers, and letters and improve their language, gross motor and fine motor skills.


I also promote the development of independent skills such as self-feeding and proper table manners, dressing, and eventually as children grow toward the next stage of development, toilet training skills will be supported. Of course, proper social manners and independent problem solving skills are focused on as well. 

Since outdoor play is a must to balance the physical well being, I will have the children play outside in the front yard at the splash park, pond or forested park (weather permitting).
This full-day offers your child an inviting and engaging opportunity to learn and grow at an independent rate while enjoying a loving and nurturing home shared with all aged children. 

Daily reports are posted indicating diaper changes, menu and nap times.

Note: Additional information is provided in the enrollment package. 

“Play expands intelligence, stimulates the imaginaton, encourages creative problem solving, and helps develop confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude toward learning.”
Dr. Fraser Mustard
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