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  • Brain Story Certification, University of Alberta, 2022

  • First-Aid CPR Level C, 2021

  • Executive Board Member of the Halton Child Care Providers Association, 2012 - 2020

  • Food Handler Training Certification, 2019

  • Managing Disobedience, Fighting and Aggression, Healthy Families, Halton Region, 2019

  • The Theory of Loose Parts, Oakville Parent-Child Centre, 2019

  • Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Training, 2014
  • Car Seat Safety Training, 2014

  • Certification with the Halton Child Care Provider Association, 2012

  • Certification in How to Talk to Your Kids So they Listen,.... 2012

  • Fostering Children's Self-Esteem, Dr. Karen Skinulis, 2012

  • Raising Awesome Kids, Dr. Gary Direnfeld, 2012

  • Alpha Children: Reclaiming your rightful place, Dr. Gordon Neufeld, 2012

  • Parenting Boys, OEYC, 2012

  • Temperament and Behaviour, OEYC, 2012

  • Positive Discipline Strategies for Children 3 - 6 years old, ROCK, 2012

  • Time Outs, What to do Instead, OEYC, 2012

  • Certified, Level B, First Aid with CPR (adult, child, infant and special needs care), Canadian Red Cross, 2012

  • Building Resiliency in Children, 2011

  • How Boys Learn Differently, PIC, 2011

  • Child experience as a loving mother since 2004

  • Low-ratio, child to adult care

  • Police Security Clearance on all adult household members

  • Fire Safety Clearance and Planning

  • Additional Home Liability Insurance

  • Commissioned Nutritionist to develop healthy meal plans.

  • Provide care during March, Christmas and Summer Breaks while planning field trips during those times.

  • Walking distance to a pond, a splash pad and a forested play park

  • Daily outdoor activities (weather permitting)

  • Tax receipts supplied at tax season

  • Provide a well-balanced diet with seasonal fruits and vegetables and home-baked goods

  • Loving, nurturing and caring home environment

  • Clean, open and organized play area conducive to creative play, cognitive play, dramatic play, reading play and active play

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

Leonardo da Vinci